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Why are ‘Pride’ and ‘Woke’ so Hated?

Why are ‘Pride’ and ‘Woke’ so Hated?

Another excuse to separate and discriminate?

So, I grew up in the church. Sunday school, Bible study, confirmation, making-out at youth camp, the works. (We actually found mistletoe and used it, to great effect, in July). As a result, one hears certain lines frequently. Throughout my life, I heard, from the book of Matthew, Chapter 22, verses 37-39, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” It was clear, needing no explanation. Of course, the most often heard in my house, growing up, was from my mother:

Mom – “Honor your father and your mother that your days be long…”

Me – “I know, Mom, I know..!

Mom – “It’s the only commandment with a promise…!”

If I had a dollar for every time that exchange took place…Usually after behavioral disapproval.

Despite our radically changing world, time continues to fly by with no human-made ability to slow it down. May came and went like it was only one week, and yet, in the past month, the headlines have jarred me. From one of my favorite stores, Target, Why the Far-Right is targeting Target over Pride displays. Also, beer, Bud Light and Corporate caution, and the ongoing war on Disney. Last weeks blog, Highly Anticipated Summer Flicks 2023, I wrote about the release of, The Little Mermaid, Memorial Day weekend. It did well, but the racism of casting actress, Halle Bailey, in the lead role, continues, The smear campaign over The Little Mermaid.

And, that’s not all..

Racism growing in sports

As some of you know, I’m a huge sports fan. All sports, really. In particular, Tennis. From the days of legends, John McEnroe, Arthur Ashe, Chrissie and Martina, to the phenomenal modern-day players, like, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and the Williams sisters (Venus and Serena). The 2017 US Open winner, Sloane Stephens, who is married to US soccer player, Jozy Altidore, spoke out this week from Paris, France, where she is playing the French Open, about the increasing hate she is experiencing online. Sloane Stephens, how racist attacks have only gotten worse.

And then there’s Vinicius Jr.

This 22 year-old Brazilian soccer star is one of the best players in the world, in the most popular sport in the world. Headlines were made around the globe when, in early May, while playing for his club, Real Madrid, in Valencia, Spain, he faced chants of “Mono, mono!”, from entire crowds of Spanish attendees. By the way, Mono is the Spanish word for “Monkey.” The 9th such similar incident this season alone. However, the racists picked the wrong one this time. Besides being a regular occurrence across most clubs in Europe against black players, Spain and Italy being the most notorious, with his 38 million followers on Instagram, Vinicius Jr., took to social media.

Vinicius Jr. heartbreaking social media post, 1 min

As a result of that post, where he showed evidence of racist attacks on him in Spain, the support has been so palpable and wide spread, that change is slowly coming to Spanish football. Brazil’s President spoke out, Lula calls for action in Spain against racismKylian Mbappe, Lewis Hamilton, Neymar, LeBron James and scores of athletes from all sports and walks-of-life have labelled the event ‘unacceptable’, forcing the hands of the powers-that-be to respond with actions, not words. Is there hope for change in Spain?.

The Definition of Woke and Pride

Woke is now defined in the dictionary as “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues, especially issues of racial and social injustice.” When did ‘being aware’ become a bad thing? I always thought awareness was a good thing. Similarly, the definition of Pride, is “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, or of those with whom one is closely associated.” June is Pride month. In addition to the many events that occur this month, Pride, is dedicated to celebrating and commemorating the LGBTQIA community. It stands for Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. Why is that so hated? Why is everything that is different from you so hated? Or is it fear? Or both?

What the World needs now

What the world needs now is love, sweet loveIt’s the only thing that there’s just too little ofWhat the world needs now is love, sweet loveNo, not just for some but for everyone

What the World Needs now is Love

As has been noted many times by this blogger, Love conquers all. In these extraordinary times we’re living in, I firmly believe that it is harder than ever to feel the love. The love of self, of family, of surroundings or situations. We live in isolation, even when we’re in a house full of people. Smart phones and the internet our companions of choice. I’m just as guilty as anyone. For instance, in my blog, 10 Ways to Enhance Your Life, I wrote about turning off all devices for one day a week and just taking in the atmosphere around you. How often have I done that since? I’m embarrassed to answer. Although a proven life-enhancer, I still act like a crack-addict with YouTube. Pathetic. 

Solo travel dampens hate and fear

I am adamant that travel, especially solo travel, should be a requirement for all Americans. Also, learning a language other than English. Being that solo travel forces one to reach outside of the box and meet new people, the exposure is priceless. While you discover things about yourself and your limitations, it also brings an awareness and pride in accomplishment. The discovery and confirmation that, no matter how different we might be in the diversity of environments, the similarities far outweigh the differences. In effect, it allows the path to loving your neighbor as yourself an easier and more fulfilling one to navigate. Thanks for reading. Have a great June, one filled with love, awareness and pride.

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  1. Laura Boccaletti says:

    A great piece, Chris, and one that I imagine was hard to write, but your passion shines through.
    Informative as always, though some of that information was hard to take. I had no idea what was happening to Vinicius Jr., heartbreaking and vile, but it looks like he’s taking the high road.
    You’re so right about solo travel dampening hate and fear.
    Here’s to more travel, understanding, and love!

  2. Sandy+Falcone says:

    This one made me cry. It’s tough to find the light with so much hate taking over. I fear for our future. I have given some thought to retiring in a different country. The South of France maybe? Portugal? My husband and I are taking a Viking River Cruise down the Rhine in September to celebrate 40 years of marriage. A good opportunity to see how the vibe is from Paris to Zurich.
    Thank you for the blog. Keep it coming.
    Sending positive energy to you 😘

    • admin says:

      Sandy, congratulations on 40 years of marriage. What an amazing accomplishment, of which you should have such Pride! I can’t wait for your upcoming cruise, you so deserve it! We gotta keep hope alive as hope springs eternal! Thanks so much for your support! So proud of you! ❤️

  3. Beverly says:

    Really enjoyed this. So often I don’t give this issue much thought but am glad that I’m reminded how I can get involved. The easiest yet hardest way can be love. “They will know we are Christian by our love”. May I be a good example.

  4. Lydia says:

    Great work

  5. Laura+Boccaletti says:

    A great and necessary blog, Chris, which I hope gets a wide readership.
    I totally agree with your recommendation of solo travel and learning another language –
    eloquently put!

  6. Michael Thors says:

    Such a good write Chris. So true and so disturbing. Throughout my life, I’ve always felt there was progress; sometimes (very) small steps and sometimes large. But lately, it feels like we’re taking steps backwards and large ones. Thanks for your great words. Those lemony sugar cookies look amazing!

  7. Michael Thors says:

    Hey Chris!
    Haven’t seen any posts recently and just wondering if that is a result of the writers (& actors) strike. 🙂
    Hope you are well!

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