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“Humor heightens our sense of survival and preserves our sanity.”
– Charlie Chaplin

Hi, I’m CB, which is what my friends have called me my entire life. I’ve been an actor for 40 years and a traveler for life, mostly through tour guiding. Everyday people are all of us, and food and family, to me, are the centers of life. I would like to share with you the travels and the people and the food I have been so blessed to experience and the tips and tricks I’ve learned that make traveling a life changer.

Latest Blogs

Blogs entries every week on everything from travel to food to living in Southern California.

The Mount Rushmore of Black Inventors

The Mount Rushmore of Black Inventors From Soap to the Super Soaker The Mount Rushmore series continues with a look at black inventors that changed the culture. So far, we’ve covered comedy, The Mount Rushmore of Black Comedy and dance, The Mount Rushmore of Black Dance. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about any of these genius pioneers, …

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CB’s Extra RK Treats

CB’S Extra RK Treats   OOEY GOOEY AIN’T NO FOOEY Who doesn’t love a good rice krispies treat? I’ve been enjoying these since the 70’s. They were always at the school bake sales. Invented in 1939 by two Kellogg’s employees in Battle Creek, Michigan, as a promotional vehicle for the cereal. These are an American …

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Lift Every Voice

Lift Every Voice Black History is American History When I was 15, I took my first trip to New York City from Los Angeles with my high school drama class. From December 26 to January 2, we explored the Big Apple and saw 4 Broadway shows. 42nd Street, Amadeus, Woman of the Year (Lauren Bacall) and a …

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Everyday People



This Weeks EP!

Gayle W!

Everyday People Weekly

Everyday people are all of us. The idea is that you can go anywhere and ask anyone that you meet the same basic questions and be fascinated by the differences in answers, but often with common themes.
Around the world we may grow up different but we all share so much in common. Each week, a new ‘Everyday Person’ will be featured with their full names protected for privacy purposes. Click on the photo to read their responses.

Upcoming EP’s

The Travel Photos

My Life as an Actor

My Life as an Actor

I’ve spent 40 years attempting to fulfill my dream.To be an actor and make people.😊Sometimes it worked.

Volunteering and the Westside Food Bank

Volunteering has changed my life in so many ways. I feel like I’ve been blessed many more times than I’ve been a blessing through volunteering. Starting with 1 hour a week at the food bank 19 years ago, now they are family. I encourage all to find an opportunity.