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Freewheelin’ in Tokyo

An Afternoon highlight for visitors to Japan’s capital

Brad Bennett, owner of Freewheeling Japan, a bike adventure and urban hiking company, picks you up at Sasazuka station in Shibuya City right on time. He’s easy to spot and thankfully there’s only one exit so even I couldn’t get lost. At once struck by his laid back and friendly nature, it’s learned that Brad came to Japan over 2 decades ago looking for love and found it. Partnering with Chad Feyen, a fellow expat, also finding love in Japan (makes one wonder), whom you meet after a short walk from the station. 7 total participants in my group that April day; a family of 3 from Australia, a couple also from Australia celebrating their anniversary, a young traveler from Singapore and yours truly, the elder of the group. Brad and Chad take extra care to ensure the comfort and safety of their clients, all skill levels being welcome.

Tokyo Bike Tour
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For those visiting Tokyo anytime and want a fun, interesting, leisurely, up close and personal look at a Tokyo that is not on the map, Freewheeling Tokyo is an absolute must. 4 hours of wandering through the tiny streets and neighborhoods of Shibuya City and the surrounding area, stopping at temples and meandering through public parks. A Gyoza lunch for us was also included at a quaint cafe owned by one of Brad’s many friends. He and Chad are excellent guides, knowledgeable, multi-talented, artistic and very respectful of the culture they have come to adopt. They do not, however, like many businesses in Japan, accept credit cards. Japan is still very much a cash only society. I politely reminded them that the Americans are coming for the Olympics in 2020, en masse, just saying. For our tour, the price was 8000-yen, equivalent to approximately US$73.15


For a memorable afternoon (they also offer night tours), contact Freewheeling Japan

Offering rides everyday of the year, email them with your request

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