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Michelle H!

Michelle H!

Michelle H!

This Week’s Everyday People

Michelle H!

Place of Birth: Los Angeles CA – Morningside hospital

Occupation: Teacher

What kind of kid were you?

Oh boy!..that’s a good one. Um, I was very chatty..I was very nosy, umm, I…had a little mouth on me, I had a little mouth, umm, and a little smart aleck-y. I always wanted to be in a, a part of a group or a crowd. That’s just somewhere I wanna be, always have wanted to be apart of, mmm hmm

(Laughs) Nice, nice! Uh, ok Michelle if you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

It ooh gosh….a million dollars..(pause) ooh! Well, well you know actually I have kinda thought about this cause you know we watch the lottery shows..we always say “OK what would we do with this lottery money if we won?”…so, one of our things is we always give our family members some money, prolly like a thousand dollars, you know to each person…cause you know with the family you gotta break them off…

(Laughing) right, right!

or they gon’ be comin’ anyway you know? give them a little bit…ummm, I’d probably give some to my church for my church, I don’t know if they’d take it but…I would try (laughs)…and then, um, you know probably find a retirement home…that’s one thing we been, we trying to get ourselves ready for retirement, when it comes along, so probably find a nice retirement home, mmm hmm..yes

Good one, good one! Ok, what’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

(pause)..Well…oh my gosh!…the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me..(pause) hmmm, that’s a tough one

That is a tough one

(long pause) gee whiz..I can’t even…I don’t know it’s like everything is nice! (laughs) Anytime anybody does anything for me it’s nice! (laughs) but the nicest thing? Oh my gosh!

Well, doesn’t have to be THE nicest thing, what about just A nice thing?

I would say, um, my, my co-workers at work…helping me out or taking over when I had to, when I couldn’t be there cause, when my Mom passed away..yeah

Aww, that’s nice, nice, very cool, very cool


Ok, Michelle, who is the funniest person you’ve ever known?

(laughs) huh-huh..did you have to ask that one? You know who that is..Uh, that would be my cousin Chris!

No! No! really? (laughs)

If I’m honest..that I’ve known? That I’ve personally known? Oh yes! Oh yes!..It would definitely be my cousin chris B!…from, from, small, little bitty kids with us playing in that Airstream, um trailer

(hysterical laughter)

He has always been, hilarious to funny

(still laughing) Wow! 

Just funny

Thank You! I had no idea         To this day you’re one of the funniest persons that I know!

Oh…God, that’s sad…                             Yes!

Ok, Ok so next question, who’s the funniest person you’ve ever seen? like a comedi..ok, let’s see..funniest person I’ve seen..(pause) (breath) Ok…umm, gotta, let’s’s about 3 people that I like..If I see a comedy show on I’m gon’ watch it..


But, I gotta pick one..

Well…you don’t have to..

I don’t have to pick one?


I would say, it’s in between, Kevin Hart, and then..oh my gosh, oh my gosh, there’s Chris Rock, and then there’s, oh my gosh, and then uh..oh gosh, with the slick hair?

Slick hair slick hair slick hair?

Always getting arrested…

Oh! Uh uh uh ummm…oh! Uh…

I feel like a tiger!” (laughs)

(laughing) Yes Yes! Oh gosh                   I can’t think of his name!

Oh gosh, c’mon Chris! I know exactly who you’re talking about!..

Ah! It’s on the tip of my tongue..

(note: This went on for quite awhile, the 2 of us struggling to find the name KATT WILLIAMS)

Ok Ok we’ll come up with it, but let’s move on..You can go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why?

Oh I got this one…Paris France!

Oh! And why?

I would want to go to France, I have always wanted to go there, always..ever since, in high school, it was “well why won’t you take Spanish?” I said “No, I wanna try and learn French!” because I was’s just, just, the way it sounds, I guess I’m a little romantic, it just sounds so wonderful you know? And then I, even if you ask my daughter she’d probably tell you France too! I remember makin’ her take French! (laughs)

(laughs) It’s a beautiful language, that’s for sure

Yes! So I would say France. Just cause it’s so much to see there, oh my goodness

Yes, yes that’s true. Well, I hope you get the chance to go there! Ok, so, here are the island questions…You’re going to live the rest of your life on a deserted island, but you can only take one of each. Which?

Candy Bar? Oh gosh! Which candy bar?


Ok and I’m gonna be there forever!


(pause) Ok so it’s gotta be a big candy bar! (laughs)

(Laughs) Well no now you gotta endless supply!

Endless supply? Twix! Ok, Twix!

Yep, very popular choice

I looovvee Twix!

Me too..Ok, which type of Food?

Ooh….endless supply, Mexican food!

Yes! Another popular choice especially for those of us in southern California!


Ok, here’s a tough one…which Album?

(pause) ooh gosh!..Oh gosh!…Ok, so that would have to be something I really enjoy…and I burnt up playin’…all the time, um, that would be The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Ayyyeee, there you go!

Yes! I could do that, I could do that one for a looong time!

Alright, which movie?

Oh gosh, oh gosh, ok…so I’m on this island…, it’s gonna have to be…good…funny…I’m gonna, give me School Daze

Ayyyeee good one!…good one! Spike Lee!

Give me School Daze! (sings) da nah nah nah na! da nah nah na!)

Yes! The light skinned and the dark skinned! Ok, which Book?

Oh…book!…oh..boy!….well..hmmm…oh,so, on this island, I’m gonna assume that I have a home and everything I need?


So I don’t need anything to help me build anything….this is purely, I’m gonna go with the first book that really got me to enjoy reading…Waiting to Exhale!

Oooh! McMillan! Good choice!

Yes! That’s when I really became a reader. Before I just read because I had to..but once I read that I was like “Ohhh, I love this!”

Ok now, you can take 2 people with you, one for conversation purposes only. Who?

(deep breath) ok, hmm…this person would be..oh I wanna have a, ooh…someone who could tell me good stuff…uhh..just wanna pick their brain..uhh, I’m going to, ooh…you know the PC answer for me would be Jesus….cause he would have a lot to tell me

Right! Right!

He would… I could get ALL the answers! Yes..ok I’m gonna go with Jesus

Good one..that’s another very popular choice…Ok but can take one person for romantic purposes only…so, obviously you’d send Jesus to the other side of the island..


And the game is, it’s not suppose to be your significant other, although I’m not strict about it and I know you and Danny have been married a hundred years, but who?

Oh, its for romantic-al! romantical! (laughs)


Ok…well, you know who this should be…Denzel Washington

Denzel! Yes, my generation likes Denzel or Idris Elba

Idris! Yeah,but you know Idris got that Covid-19 right now! (laughs)

(laughs) Yes that’s what I was just gon’ say! (laughs) Can’t go near Idris right now!

(laughs) Yes! Shoot!

Ok Michelle, this has been too much fun, but final question..what would you like for other people to say about you?

What would I like for people to say about me…I would like for them to say that, um, I was a, hard working…Christian woman…who loved…is this in death?

No, just anytime, if someone were to go “Oh I know Michelle!”, what would like for them to say?

Oh ok, a hard working, good Christian woman, who, you know, cared for others…and cared about others….mmm hmm

There you go! Fantastic! Thank you so much, cousin! You were amazing!