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Place of Birth: Temple, Texas

Occupation: Retired from Los Angeles County probation dept

What kind of kid were ya?

(pause) I was a, obedient, shy, well-mannered, kid I was the eldest of three..and, uh, a lot of, leadership, responsibility placed upon me, so I was a good kid.

Nice, if you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Oooh! I would, charter a boat and have all my friends just meet me, just meet me at wherever we gonna, leave from and just do it!

I love that! Love it!

(laughs) Just do it!

Well, I just hope I’m on the list!

You are! I said friends!

Excellent, ok, what’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

(pause)..Wow…I had, uh, a surprise, a couple of friends of mine rented a limousine and we rode around for one of my birthdays..that was really a surprise for me cause, I was suppose to be at work, and, they’re like “You’re not going’!” I’m like “What?” I was so committed to work and I didn’t and we had the time of our lives…that was one nice thing, but…flowers from my son, they’ve been, weekly, bringing me fresh flowers which I think is very nice..I’m looking at my flowers now,,yeah, that, comes to mind.

Nice, ok Mac, who’s the funniest person you’ve ever known?

(laughs) would it be personally or just anybody?

Both, but I’ll ask you separately known and seen..

Ok, so known would be, my Uncle, he is mister (laughs) he just has this way of saying that he applies to real life, but man, he can get on some topics that’ll just have you rolling! And then, uh, known would be Medea!

Medea! Medea! Helleur!

(laughs) Hell yes!

Ok you can go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why?

Mmm, let’s say, Amsterdam? Why? The city, the canals, the architecture, the,.. things you can do there! (chuckles)

(Both laugh) I hear ya! Ok, you’re going to live the rest of your life on a deserted island. You can only take one of each. Which?

Candy Bar? The dark chocolate See’s candy bar. That is an outstanding candy bar

Type of Food? Fruits and Vegetables

Album? Oh, let’s say, ooh…Barry White

Can you dig it? Ok, which movie? On Golden Pond

One of my favorites of all time! Wasn’t that an innocent movie?

Book? Oh, so many come to mind, let’s see, the last good book I read would be..umm..Michelle Obama’s last book, her autobiography, yes. (Becoming)

For conversation purposes, you can take one person, living or dead, who? Nipsey Hussle!

Wow! Great choice! Ok for romantic purposes only, who? Curtis Mayfield! (laughs) Sing to me!

Ok final question, what would you like for other people to say about you?

(pause) (breath) A woman of integrity, kind and spiritual and wanted nothing but love and peace for the world, and more importantly, for the family. It’s all about the family love. Mind, body and spirit.

That’s awesome, Mac, thank you so much!

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