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Lisa M

Lisa M

Lisa M

This Week’s Everyday People

Lisa M!

Place of Birth: Torrance CA

Occupation: Trip Coordinator

What kind of kid were you?

I was happy. Strong. Tough. Care about others..(laughs) what else? (laughs) yeah, that’s about it.

Ok, Lisa, if you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Oh, I’m gonna buy a little shack on the beach

(laughs) a little shack on the beach? You could buy a nice shack with a million dollars!

(laughs) I don’t think so! A million dollars nothing on the beachside!

That’s true, you’re right, a little shack!

And I’m not gonna come out from that shack! (laughs)

(laughs) you’re gonna stay there, huh?

Yes I am!

Love it! Ok, what’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

Umm..stick besides me when I have a down time in my life..yeah

Very cool. Who’s the funniest person you’ve ever known?

Ah..(laughs)…I’m not sure, but my classmate in middle school

Oh ok! A Very funny person?

Mmm hmm..Not particular, like, everybody was funny. We never, like, we was always laughing all the time (laughs)

Ok Lisa, if you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why? I think I already know the answer to this question..

Uh, probably, nah, because I wanna go Tahiti


Yeah cause I never been to Tahiti

And why?

I wanna be in that little shack! The hut on the beach, I mean, on the Ocean. I know, for sure, like, Hawaii is realistic…but Tahiti is not, so..

Yeah, so expensive. To get there, and to stay there..

Mmm hmm. I could go to Hawaii like ten times probably..(laughs)

Probably. You’re probably right. Ok Lisa, you’re going to live the rest of your life on a deserted island. You can take only one of each. Which?

Candy Bar? Rice Krispie Treats

Ooh! which Type of Food?

Mmm that’s difficult..I wanna say, well, I think Japanese….and, plus Pineapple. Yeah, I love pineapple

The pineapple in Hawaii is soo good isn’t it? It’s all I wanna eat when I’m there

Oh have to go to Dole Whip!

Ohhh yeah Dole whip!

Mmm hmmm

Ok. Lisa, which Album or CD?

Ummm…probably Bruno Mars or Pink

Oooh! Good Choices

Mmm hmm cause both of them motivates me

Both great. Ok, which movie?


Annie! Interesting..

That movie’s my favorite

I think I saw the stage version of Annie when I was like, 10 years old. My sister took me and Molly Ringwald was in the cast. Shows you how long ago that was!

I always liked that female is strong in that..

Female empowerment, exactly..Ok, which book?

Uhhh…survival? (laughs) If I’m in island (laughs)

(laughs) How to survive on a deserted island?

(laughs) Yeah

Awesome! Ok so you can take 2 people with you. One for conversation purposes only. It can be someone from the past or a historical figure, anyone you want for conversation only. Who?

Probably you

Haha, you’re kidding me!

It would be fun (laughs)

Yeah we’d have great conversations!

Yeah all kinda stuff

Ok you can take one person for romantic purposes only. Who?

Jason Mamoa!

Oh Jason Mamoa! Oh is he popular did you see that superbowl commercial he did where he got all skinny..hilarious!

Oh yes, yes, and it’s funny because..I’m not a fanwagon about Jason Mamoa…I like..there’s a umm, drama, it’s called Hawaii, long, long time ago..maybe like ten, maybe, maybe 15 years ago…and, he was in that one and from that time I looovved Jason Mamoa

Ok…well he could not be more popular now with Game of Thrones and..isn’t he a superhero? Aquaman or something? I knew his wife long time ago…

Yeah he’s all that (laughs) cause he could be, like, romantic person, but, if you have to survive on the island, I think He could survive on the island (laughs)

Oh yeah, definitely an island guy..he was born in Hawaii wasn’t he?

Yeah he’s Hawaiian! (laughs)..yeah and he’s wild, he’s strong (laughs)

Ok Lise, good choice.. Final question, what would you like for other people to say about you?

Hmm..I don’t know…maybe..down to earth?

Down to earth uh-huh uh-huh, good one

Yeah..and that I always have their back

Yes…now that’s very true, you’re very loyal I would say..a very loyal person

Yeah (laughs) Thank You

No thank you! You were great Lisa!