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Place of Birth: Torrance, California

Occupation: Cyclist, YouTuber

What kind of kid were you?

I was a fun-loving kid…um, a lot of fun, a lot of uh…yeah, what kind of kid was I? I was thoughtful, I was kind, I was crazy, rambunctious and annoying…normal kid. Normal, crazy kid.

Ok, if you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

I would probably invest it. I would buy, of course, like something small for myself, like a bike or something…invest, invest and maybe, if I could, if there was a little bit of money left, help out my parents.

What is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

My parents supporting me. Yeah, supporting me and raising me the way I was raised. (Joan and Johnny/Rene)

That’s actually a very high compliment to your parents..ok, who is the funniest person you’ve ever known?

Yeah, that’s a hard one..I said, like Eric Andre, he’s a funny dude, comedy central, and, uh, one friend that I know in particular that’s super fuckin funny, now that I think about it, his name is Johnny Rosario. He is so fuckin funny, yeah, he’s a funny dude.

Excellent..Ok, you can go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why?

Oh yeah, Mexico, because I’ve never been, I’ve never traveled, never been on an airplane and it’s one of my homelands besides Germany and that’s..I need to go. I need to venture out.

You definitely do..You’re going to live on a deserted island for the rest of your life, you can only take one of each.Which?

Candy Bar? I think I said Snickers, those are pretty good

Type of Food? Italian food, pasta.

Album, CD or Artist? Wait, Album?

Yes, I had to give more options cause you young people don’t know what albums are, and hardly anybody listens to CD’s anymore, so I thought maybe an Artist that you could stream on the island? Ok, so who would I listen to? What artist would I listen to if I had to choose one? One artist? Lemme look at my streaming….(laughs) Who would I listen to the most? I listen to everything. I got, freakin, forever country in here, I have Stevie Nicks, I got Jewel, who will save your soul? I got Kelly Clarkson, I got Outkast, Coldplay. I’m very, uh, cultured…

So..Pick one! Oh, for cycling…Metallica. I listen to them…System of a down, Rage against the machine..Growing up as a kid, my mom, she always took me to school, never my Dad. Her, like, genre of music was, like, Indie Rock or Rock, so that’s all I listened to growing up…all the hardcore shit, uh, you know, KROQ. I love that shit!

Book? Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

You can take one person, living or dead, for conversation purposes?

It would be my great great great great grandfather, or someone from the distant past in my family, to see how his traits were passed on to me or to my family, cause, like, between us, my Mexican side of the family we’re like, um… my Dad’s side of the family comes from Durango, the mountains of Mexico and his Mom’s side comes from Mexico City (CDMX), but his uh, it’s crazy, but his uh, uncle’s were professional boxers and they died in a bar fight in Mexico, and uh, like there’s so much craziness that happened in my family, like, uh…well, we won’t talk about that…

You can take one person, living or dead, for romantic purposes?

Meagan Good

What would you like for other people to say about you?

What would I like for people to say about me? That I was honest, loyal and I was there for them when they needed it..that’s basically it.

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