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Edward B

This week’s EP!

Edward B.

Place of Birth: Minden, Louisiana

Occupation: retired motor sweep operator city of Los Angeles

What kind of kid were you?

I was a pretty good kid, you know, I had a tough Dad so I couldn’t be too bad (laughs)
so, you know, I was a pretty good kid, uh, me and my brother, who’s 2 years older than
I am, we was, like usual brothers, we fought when our parents wasn’t home, but
nobody else could touch us, we had each other!

If you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow,

What would you do with it?

Uhhh, I would help out my family, my sisters and brothers, give
some to the church, of course, probably ten percent, and, uh, I’d
probably buy me a condo.

What is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

ummm, oh boy, that’s a good one. Uh, the nicest thing anybody’s
ever done…. (pause) well, I’d probably have to say, my oldest sister,
she always kind of, helped me out when I hit hard times, she’d send
me money and uh, when I was going to school, to high school, I had
to travel, well, it wasn’t that far, probably 12 miles, but I couldn’t take
the bus, cause it was out of my district, so, she payed for, I rode, I rode
to school with this lady and my sister would pay for it, you know, so..

Who is the funniest person you have ever known?

(chuckles) huh, let’s see, well, off the top of my head I’d have
to say Deborah’s sister. She is a funny woman, she’s in the nursing
home and we go over and visit her, she, she shoulda been a comedienne.
She is funny, man!

You can go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why?

Well, uh, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, I’ve never been, I almost
went a couple times, something came up and didn’t go, but I have to say
Hawaii, I love Paris, but I’ve been to Paris.

You’re going to live for the rest of your life on a deserted island.

You can only take one of each. Which?

Candy Bar? Reese’s
Type of Food? Fish or chicken, fruits and vegetables
Album or CD? Aretha Franklin
Movie? Shaft

One person, living or dead, for conversation purposes?

The 1st girl I dated in high school, she’s passed away now, Alaree Allen

One person, living or dead, for romantic purposes?

Halle Berry

What would you like for people to say about you?

Well, to say that I was uh, you know, a good person, that I
got along with everybody, you know, and, uh, just that I
was a good person to be around.

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