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This Week’s Everyday People


Place of Birth: Clovis, New Mexico

“wow I did not know that! Why did I think you were born in California?”

No, my Dad was in the Air Force so they were stationed in Clovis, and my Mom was pregnant with me, so, she had me there, and we stayed there for about 2 years, so I was 2, and then moved to San Diego, so I’ve been a Californian since I was 2

Occupation: Actor

Ok, E, what kind of kid were ya?

I was an introverted kid…I tended to stay to myself quite a lot, I would hang out in my room by myself a lot..I remember playing with kids on the street..with the neighborhood kids, but then a lot of them would move away..uh, and so, when our street became less of kids I just had to hang out by myself and do things on my own, and uh, I wasn’t very social, so it was easy for me to be isolated and introverted…umm, so yeah, that was mostly me as a kid but I was hyper, my Mom told me she put me on Ritalin when I was a kid for a little bit

Oh wow!

But then she took me off of it, uh, (chuckles) when she realized it wasn’t a good thing to do…and so uh, yeah, apparently I was very rambunctious, but I was also introverted and very shy so I kind of stayed to myself a lot.

Um..very interesting. I wouldn’t have pictured you like that.

(pause) Yeah..I still am introverted and shy in a lot of ways, but I try to not, uhh, make people aware of, usually..

Well, you do well! Thank you! Ok E, if you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

You mean when WE win a million dollars in the lottery?


I would, obviously take care of my family and friends. Put money aside for myself..I have thought about purchasing a home in Toluca Lake..I’ve always wanted to live there..and, my Grandfather, he has a really nice house in Mission Bay, down in San Diego, and, he’s getting older, he’s 93, and I always thought it would be great to buy that house from him and keep it in the that was something I wanted to do and also fix up my Mom’s house as well…um, but also possibly start a charity of some sort, I thought that’d be a great idea to use the money

Nice, man. Ok, what’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

(pause) Well, I have a lot of friends who do really nice things for me, thankfully, and I’m really blessed..umm, you’ve been very kind to me, uh, my Grandfather, he and my Grandmother at one time gave me a lot of money, because they knew I was having trouble living in LA..that was unexpected, I didn’t expect that at all..but I have to say the biggest, nicest thing was my parents, just taking care of me my entire life, uh, they could’ve walked away, they could’ve said “We’re not going to help you, not going to do anything for you,” but they were always there with open arms and  always making sure that I was financially stable and secure with whatever I was doing with my life, be it living in LA, or going to was great

That is a super nice tribute to your parents, man, that’s very cool

They’re really great people

Ok E, who is the funniest person you’ve ever known?

(pause) the funniest person I’ve ever known is sadly not with us anymore..Frank Giordano from work. I think he is the funniest man I’ve ever known. Always made me laugh out loud with his funny stories, and, just around work he would just be hilarious, everything he would say I’d laugh, there wouldn’t be a moment I wasn’t captivated by anything he had to say, and I would say he’s the funniest person I’ve ever known.

He’s, from work people, he’s been mentioned by quite a few Everyday People who knew him, I think, uh, Dr Irv and Laura B both mentioned him. It’s sad I never really got to talk to him, I saw him, but he passed right as I was being hired there. He made quite the impact over there, didn’t he?

He did. You would have loved him and him would’ve been fast friends because I believe you have a lot of the humor that he had…I think it’s great that you’re in my life because I can still have some of the humor that I miss that Frank doesn’t, uh provide anymore

Ahhh, that’s so nice, thank you so so much I really appreciate that. Ok, Who’s the funniest person you’ve ever seen?

I would say Don Rickles is the funniest man I’ve ever seen. Oh he’s hilarious..yeah from being on Johnny Carson in the old days, to all of the Dean Martin celebrity roasts and, just, any time he was on a talk show, just hilarious, just makes me laugh every single moment. I think he’s the funniest guy (chuckles)

Agreed, agreed. That guy was hilarious. We just lost him, no? about a year ago or so? (Died Apr 6, 2017)

Yes, he’s sadly missed

Yeah I, I can imagine the jokes he’d come up with, all this stuff that’s going around right now with this virus stuff, he’d probably have a field day!

Absolutely, and we’re missing a comedian, or anyone who’s funny who can be politically incorrect in these times, so, it’s, it’s sad, but also understandable. But he was hilarious.

I agree. Alright man, if you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why?

(pause) know, I’ve never traveled anywhere outside of the United States I’m sad to say..I have a passport that’s empty that I need to fill

You do!

I would say that, the place I would probably go to first, would be New Zealand. I think it’s beautiful just from the pictures I’ve seen, and the movies that have captured parts of New Zealand. I feel like I would really love to go there. That would be amazing.

Yeah yeah, it is absolutely spectacular, and the people, yeah I hope you get to go there, definitely a great place. Ok, you’re going to live the rest of your life on a deserted island. This is an idyllic situation, but, you can only take one of each. These items will be with you in perpetuity but only one, which?

Candy Bar? Twix..Love Twix!

Me too! Which Type of Food? Pizza..but it would have to be pre-cooked because obviously there’s not gonna be anywhere to cook on the island, so, lots of pre-cooked pizza! (laughs)

(laughs) Lots of pre-cooked pizza! Good one, Ok, which Album or CD?

(slight pause) Well I love anything Barbra Streisand…I would have to say..the album that I would want with me, or CD, would be, Judy Garland Live at Carnegie Hall. Yeah, that one makes me happy. I would listen to that all the time.

Wow, great choice. Favorite Book?

Let’s say The Complete Works of William Shakespeare or the many volumes of journal entries that I’ve written over the years…Uh, I don’t think I could stand to read my past life, so I, I think I would go with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

That could definitely last you for the whole time you’re on the island, that’s for sure, gosh, man, that thing’s just…!

Absolutely! (laughs)


(pause) ummm, that’s, gosh this is a movie buff you’re talking to..

I know and you can only pick one!

Ok..I would actually pick, the movie I would take is Singing in the Rain

Oh wow!

That’s my favorite movie..yeah, I would take that

Great choice! I’m like you, I could watch that movie over and over again. It’s just a beautiful film

It would consistently make me happy.

So, for conversations purposes, you can take 2 people, one for conversation purposes only. It can be anyone, living or dead, someone you know or don’t know, it’s not supposed to be your significant other, but I don’t really care. Who for conversation purposes would you take with you?

(pause) Wow..soo many people I could choose..I have to say I’ve always loved the Golden Age of Hollywood, soo, I would, I would like to go with someone who’s still with us..I would like to go with Norman Lloyd, who is 104, I believe. He’s been around since the beginning. That would be the person I would looove to talk with endlessly about the beginnings of cinema until today.

Yes! Can you imagine that guy’s stories..Wow!

He has so many! I think he would be fascinating to talk to endlessly.

What a great choice.  Ok E, for romantic purposes, only for romance. Who?

 There’s only one…Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe! How did I not know that was your guy! Oh you like the bad boy!

In him I do! (laughs)

(laughs) Ok E, what would you like for other people to say about you?

(long pause) I’d like people to say that I was a good listener. When people needed someone to be listened to.

mmm..Very good. Very cool man. Thank you so much!