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Brittany T.

Brittany T.

Brittany T.

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Actress/Producer/Bartender

What kind of kid were you?

Um, I was a kid with a lot of imagination…um, Michael Jackson used to be my imaginary friend growing up. Um, I have 2 older brothers, but, uh, we used to all play but when they got older, they forgot about me so I felt like I grew up as an only child…(laughs)

(laughs) Ok, so you invented your friends?

Yes! And Michael Jackson was my first famous best friend.(laughs)

Love it..Ok Britt, if you were to win 1 million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Uh, I would immediately go on vacation for about 2 months after quitting my day jobs in the worst way! And then, buy a big house and continue pursuing my dreams of being an actress and producer.

Nice, nice..What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

(sigh) Well..(pause) I would say, right now, I’m in the process of buying a house, and with closing, um, it was more money than I needed to give for Real Estate Agent, who happens to be my best friends Mom, said she would gift the last part I was missing, which was pretty much her commission.

Wow! That is huge!


Who’s the funniest person you’ve ever known?

Well..I’ve known, I would say my Mother, she’s hilarious. Also, growing up I loved Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball!

Though I’ve never met her obviously, she’s up there too.

Always a classic. Ok Britt, you can go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where is that place and why?

mmmm..I would say either Fiji or Greece. I need to be by somewhere tropical with beautiful water, and um…I don’t know, cause it looks beautiful and relaxing!

Can’t go wrong with either of those places..Ok you’re going to live the rest of your life on a deserted island but you can only take one of each. Which?

Candy Bar? Candy Bar!…I would say a Twix

Twix! Twix! Which Type of Food?

Ooh! that’s a good one….Mexican! I’m from Los Angeles! (laughs)

Album or CD?

That’s hard. That’s very very hard…I love music! I don’t know if I could pick one…I can tell you some of my top 5


Um, Thriller. Purple Rain. I love Kelis first album Kaleidoscope. Mariah Carey’s Butterfly. And…I can’t think of the 5th that’s my top 4!

That’s what we’ll put then…ummm, which movie?

Ooh! so I can’t just pick one…(sigh)….Imitation of Life Is one of my favorites.. that’s one of my tops..Imitation of Life, Purple Rain, The Color Purple, are my top 3

Beautiful can’t go wrong with any of those!

Thank You


Um, right now I’m reading Becoming, and I’m pretty much almost done. Very good very, another book? um..that’s all I can think of right now.

OK, you can take 2 people with you. One for conversation purposes only. Who?

One Person? Yup. You know what? My Grandmother, was my best friend growing up. She passed away when I was 8. I would love to have a conversation now that I’m an adult. I would love that.

And for Romantic purposes?

Ooh! There’s a couple! There’s a few!…Ahh…(whispers) I don’t know!..Ok I’ll say…Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush!!! Wow!

(laughs) He looks really good nowadays! (laughs)

Did Not expect that one!

Thank You! He look gooood on Instagram!

Ok Final question, what would you like for other people to say about you?

Hmmm..that I was a loyal person, a good friend and that if I know you and care about you I would have your back to the end.

That’s great. Thanks Britt, great job!